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ColorVu 24/7 Colorful Imaging— View in Color, Even in Darkness

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

តើកាមេរ៉ា Hikvision’s ColorVu 24/7 បង្កើតរូបភាពមានពណ៌ដោយរបៀបណា? ជាមួយនឹងបច្ចេកវិទ្យានៃកាមេរ៉ា #ColorVuCamera Series បាននាំមកនូវរូបភាពច្បាស់ដែលមានពណ៌ទោះក្នុងទីងងឹត រឺ ពេលយប់ក្តី។

១. ទំហំឡេនធំចាប់បានឆ្ងាយនិងច្បាស់ល្អ | ២. មាន Sensor ខ្លាំងក្នុងការចាប់យករូបភាពដែលមានពណ៏នៅទីងងឹត

What is ColorVu 24/7 Technology?

Hikvision's ColorVu imaging technology provides vivid images and video around the clock, even in zero-light environments by using a high-performance sensor, a large iris, and gentle supplemental lighting and all these guarantee bright color, full-motion video and images 24/7 designed for extremely dark and low-light environments which is absolutely great for application scenarios such as public places, warehouses, residentials, businesses and more.

ColorVu Offers a Wide Array of Benefits:

Imagine capturing colorful details in total darkness, #ColorVuCamera delivers this and more! 👉 Clear, full-color images—day and night—with brilliant detail, clarity around the clock. 👉 Improved safety for employees, customers walking in parking lots, other poorly lit areas. 👉 24/7 colorful imaging which reduces risk and enhances details when reviewing footage.

Identifying license plate information from a suspect’s vehicle during traffic accident investigations.

"When a vehicle is non-licensed or the license plate is deliberately obscured, the vehicle can only be identified by its features—brand, model, and especially the color. #ColorVuCamera will capture valuable vehicle color identification, producing an amazing full-color image, even when external lighting conditions are poor dark, simplifying the investigation process."

ColorVu Camera vs. Conventional Camera

Please watch this brief comparison video for a first-hand experience of the Hikvision's #ColorVuCamera Series round-the-clock performance and key benefits of full-color output.

Our goal is to be your long term partner — you can rely on us! To learn more about, please contact us at 023 882 580 and 016 991 580 for more details.


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