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Custom Solutions

Sometimes you need a solution but there is no off the shelf solution you can buy. Or the off the shelf solution may fit some of your needs but not all or it is too expensive. If this is the case then perhaps a custom solution will do the job.

Custom 1.jpg

Westec have done a number of projects where custom hardware and/or software was created to make a cost effective solution. Here are some project references:

1. Legend Cinema - Projector automation (custom light dimmer controlled by projector)

2. Legend Cinema - Dimmable LED driver for in-hall lights

3. Phnom Penh Airport - Middleware (time & attendance software to take Gallagher access control events and translate them to clock-in / clock-out events and send to Workbridge ERP system)

4. Western International School  - School Management Software (client/server web based custom software designed for school workflow)

5. Westec Corporation - Quote System Software (client/server web based custom software designed for our workflow )

Please Contact us to discuss your needs and we can design a solution to fit.

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