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Video surveillance is one of the most widely use security technologies to capture evidence for later use after an incident. In some cases the presence of a CCTV camera may also act as a deterrent and prevent a crime from happening. CCTV can also be viewed in real time to assess if an area is safe to enter or to check if any problems are present.

Two types of CCTV cameras are in wide use today: analog and IP (or network). Analog cameras are the traditional CCTV cameras and have evolved now to be able to show full HD (1080p) and higher resolutions.

They are the cheapest solution on the market today and is suitable for simple video surveillance applications.

IP or network cameras are more sophisticated (and consequently more expensive ) as they are able to perform additional things like video analytics and have far higher resolution and frame rates available than in analog cameras. Video analytics include such things as line crossing, face recognition, intrusion detection, missing package detection, etc. Many commercial and large installations require IP cameras.

We have access to wide range of CCTV brands and can design a system to meet your needs and budget.

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