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Access Control

Electronic access control is used to determine who can gain entry through a door, For example, a server room in a company should only allow authorized people like IT staff to enter and keep out all others. The access control system uses a credential (either a card, fingerprint, face, PIN code or combination of these )to identify the person before opening the lock on the door.

An access control system can be as simple as a standalone door lock with fingerprint or card to open it or as sophisticated as a distributed system integrated with the elevator in an office tower.

In some installations, the access control system can also double as a time & attendance system to identify when an employee has arrived in the morning and when they leave in the evening. There are also standalone time and attendance machines as well when it is not practical to use the building's access control system for this purpose.

If you need good control of an area where many people need to enter then an electronic access control system is what you need. Based on your unique requirements we can design a system to meet your needs and budget. We have access to a number of different brands of access control systems and will have a solution that suits you.

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